Tour de Force


Greenpeace asked us to develop a concept/idea to engage people and make them produce their own green energy.

Create new locally produced green energy services that turn communities into energy producers, connect a diversity of local energy projects, enables a much large number of people to participate in and support locally produced energy, showcases the scale of initiatives and interest, engage people in changing local and national policies that support local energy so that they can benefit from access energy production from their network

The solution
Our question: How can we engage young people to produce energy in a fun and competitive way?

Tour de Force, a competitive, power producing, cycle challenge for Universities in Manchester. A new and easy way to involve and teach young people how to generate green energy by doing something that they already do.

Use Design Thinking methodology to develop the concept.
Research about how to engage young people, their digital behaviour and what they think and how they feel about green energy.

August 2014