Health Connect

University of Manchester Health eResearch Centre

How do we use technology to engage and enable patients to self-manage their own health in ways that are more flexible, trustworthy and better connected?

We want to use the possibilities created by e-Health record to generate personalised health plans and connect individuals to a community that will help them in achieving their goals.

The solution
Health Connect
, a community of connected individuals where personal health goals are achieved together.

Like any large business, the NHS (National Health Service) must continually evolve if it is to succeed and overcome current issues. As a population the UK is getting older and by 2030 one in five people in England will be over 65 years old.

There now exists is a fire-fighting approach to modern healthcare. Three quarters of the NHS’s budget goes on treating chronic illnesses like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes with minimal funding allocated to disease prevention. The biggest contributing factors to these chronic diseases are lifestyle related and a refocused and preventative approach to disease management is now held as the delivery model of choice for 21st healthcare.

We did a lot of research about how people engage, how communities work and why, and how do people take care of their own healthcare. We used tools and methodologies that helped us to understand our target and how we can use Digital Technology to build new experiences and add value to the users.


September 2014